I’m Sorry /// Onism E

Inevitably, throughout your life, friends will come and go. However, if you’re lucky enough, there will be people who not only share in the good times, but stick around to ride out the difficult spots, too. These are the ones who will never let you go through it alone. On their grungy new single, “I’m Sorry,” San Antonio alt-rock band Onism E takes upon the mantle of being “the rock,” offering stability and compassion when needed the most.

From the get go, “I’m Sorry” lays out a tumbling and subtly grinding melodic style before giving way to some thrashing bursts. At times, there’s a light, almost reverential quality that exists underneath it all, giving “I’m Sorry” an extra, uplifting note as it unfolds into an encouraging anthem for lending someone else the strength to carry on. Led by Eline Chavez’s reassuring and confident vocals, “I’m Sorry” reverberates with a tough, fighting spirit.

Part of “I’m Sorry” refers to an unspoken apology that’s only possible when the understanding between two people is far greater than words could ever fully express. It’s not a bond that’s easily formed overnight. It’s the type of relationship where you’ve endured it all together and become eternally inseparable. Altogether, “I’m Sorry” is about taking your turn, without hesitation, to offer consolation in a great time of need. 

“I’m Sorry” describes the idealized version of what we all might hope to find in a friend or partner. It’s about the safety of knowing someone will be in your corner when the chips are down. On “I’m Sorry,” Onism E not only finds its strength in its tumultuous alt-rock style, but within an extraordinary example of empathy itself.


Written by Travis Boyer






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