Circling Away /// Type Face

Circling Away is the most recent single from the mind of Type Face, Dublin-based electronic and alternative artist. The techo rave inspired track said best by the artist, the song has a magical tendency to capture and throw us into “the profound beauty of youth, the technology upon which human life has become propped, and the search to come to terms with the sheer pace of it all” in a mystifying way that keep us interested and waiting on the next musical shift the moment a new one arrives.

The story of the song is centered around four friends being involved in a car crash together, allowing space for exploration of dissecting friendships, and the waste attached to misdirected intelligence. 

Sonically speaking, we experience this through constant shifts of environment caused by different synths and percussive elements popping in and out of frame, throughout. At points, it almost feels like you’re walking down the hallway of a conservatory practice room area, and with every few seconds that you walk past a new door, your ears are filled with a completely different sound – except in this scenario, they’re all singing the same song, and they’re all good at it, too. You can hear the intention behind the echoes, vibrations, spoken words, and quivers of each piece of the puzzle, and appreciate them all for the ride they take you on. 

Visually, the song comes accompanied by a music video, shot with the help of 15 friends, all around Dublin, and it reflects the personal lives of the “dramatis personae” of the city. With bold colors and fast moving shots, it depicts a story of what it means to be young in Dublin, and is a story worth listening to for everyone.

Written by Yannick Mirko





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