Down Day is the most recent release of Jayd, the Luxembourg based, British indie artist. A blend of folk, pop, indie, and singer-songwriter, this song takes the sounds from musical instruments and uses them to build the soundscape of what it feels like to come to terms with anxiety, giving us the very space and time we deserve to understand it better. As said by Jayd, “If you’re dealing with anxiety, you might feel very alone and that’s the scariest part of it, but you’re not and once you know that, it gets easier.”

The song is a new venture for Jayd in that it involves new collaborations, and new instruments. She brought her trumpet out of retirement, worked along the UK production studio DELTA STAR, and pulled it all together to create an unmissable hit. 

Opening with a trumpet and guitar, we are quickly swarmed into a soft world where we reminisce on our dreams of “floating in the sky looking down,” and quickly face the clouds in our way, with lyrics and vocals that capture the intense feelings of a ‘Down Day’. Jayd has an ability to hold the feelings within the melodies, without losing her strength, as she sings about such a difficult space to be in. 

Listening to the song gives almost a feeling of floating down a slow river of anxiety, and trying to find your way into embracing it’s unsettling nature. Beautiful things can come out of having those inner conversations of self-love, and accompanying it with a soundtrack full of songs like this, is a helpful way to heal. 

Written by Yannick Mirko






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