Working Late /// Fritillaries

Fritillaries are a Bristol based band that describe their music as sparse and unhurried. Combining acoustic, folk, Americana, and singer-songwriter – the duo delivers a pretty and emotive tune with “Working Late.”

There’s a celtic personality to the tune that right away captures you with beautiful strings and piano chords that set the timbre for “Working Late.” Then the verse creates space for the guitar riff and banjo to gently strum while the harmonies of both vocalists sit front and center with a visceral quality that feels very authentic and tasteful for its genres. Some songs about letting go of love or setting any love free can feel redundant for human beings by this point in music history, but there’s a refreshing quality that Fritillaries are able to capture by the quality and their great musicianship, proving acoustic music can offer an efficacy to the experience of sound that digital music can lack.

The organic composition is excelled by its subtle drive that seems to somehow provide a tension that is never in your face, but is still present. The strings are always droning through the verse in a calm pace, which allows the ad-lib sung hook to stand out through a juxtaposition of tone between verse and chorus.

The composition is also really well done in never forcing any section of the song. Fritillaries have a strong grasp on when to let the tune be an instrumental and when it should return to its singing. A personal favorite is the choice of having the strings melodically ride along with the vocally led ad-libs.

This is a very talented duo with strong musicianship as we look forward to what’s next from Fritillaries.

Written by Jon Kagan






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