Rabbit Hole /// Meghan Pulles

Meghan Pulles has a magical voice and her latest single, “Rabbit Hole,” is a magical song. With obvious references to Alice in Wonderland, the song speaks of the negative effects of changing ourselves too much for someone else. Juxtaposed with the bleak subject matter is a musical soundscape that is intensely uplifting and undeniably gorgeous.

Everyone loves an adventure. Changing your path off the influence of someone or something new and exciting can be thrilling at first; however, too often we find ourselves in a bit too deep before realizing we’ve struck fool’s gold and it can be devastating. Meghan Pulles wants us to know that she’s been there and she knows how it feels. She also wants us to recognize our negative experiences not as mistakes but as opportunities to learn and grow. “Rabbit Hole” is a fascinating aural experience. Pulles sings loud and proud with a smile on her face knowing she has made mistakes, but she is unashamed. She gleefully strums her ukulele singing, “I am down, down the rabbit hole/I am down.” Down, yes, but not out. The song serves almost as a mental health refresh – we need to recognize when we’ve made mistakes and not beat ourselves up about it. We’ve learned from these mistakes and we wear them as a badge of honor. That is exactly what this song feels like. It’s encouraging, supportive, and uplifting, and a major dose of dopamine when we need it the most.

The track has all the extravagance and flavor of Meghan’s indie pop peers like Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, or Angus & Julia Stone. Underscoring her joyful ukulele with huge drums, horns, and quirky synthesizers, the sound eventually grows so massive that you can’t help but feel overwhelmingly euphoric. And you can practically hear the smile on her face as her giant, loving voice cuts through it all. This song is that warm hug from a friend after a heartbreak that lifts us back to our feet. Meghan Pulles clearly has an amazing gift of uplifting people through her music and if hers is the last voice I ever heard, I’d be sure I was on my way to heaven. 

Written by Tim Clark






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