Call Me (All The Time) /// Maren Taylor Reed

Maren Taylor Reed is a vocalist from Dallas who peforms both sung and rapped pieces to create her own distinct sound. With “Call Me”, she delivers a lush, intimate record that fits the bill of modern tracks of the same genre. With a strong vocal performance and a well produced track, Reed releases a catchy tune worthy of plays.

The tune begins with spacious synth pads as a filtered eq vocal sample rises up before Maren’s vocals take the lead in the verse. A clean drum beat and a smooth bass drops as Maren transitions into a rap/sing type vocal delivery about a lover not being worthy of her. It alters back to a sung pre-chorus before going into a trap based hook that keeps its ethereal vibe.

The record was definitely produced with a pop sensibility in mind. The production is really well done with great effects and choices in the sound design. Instrumentally, it’s a song that you can hear many urban pop artists on. It was also a wise choice by Maren Taylor Reed to keep this tune lean at under three minutes since the same chords stay throughout. The hook is the most notable part of the composition as far as cognizant songwriting, with specific buzzwords being repeated in the formula common in the pop music realm.

Maren Taylor Reed has a good grasp for the formula of the genre and has flexed her vocal presence on the microphone with swagger and charisma. For fans of late night, mid-tempo R&B, pop, and rap – you’ll enjoy the vibes of “Call Me All the Time.”

Written by Jon Kagan





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