No Stopping Us /// Joshua Ketchmark

“No Stopping Us” is a new rock single by singer/songwriter Joshua Ketchmark. Ketchmark’s vocal and guitar proficiency are powerful on this song, and connect with the listener. He combines rock with some country influence to find a sweet spot between the two. 

This song is about loving and remembering a first car, specifically his grandma’s and father’s Chevy Cadillac. The descriptive lyrics paint a picture of memories with this treasured car, and the emotion that was felt from those experiences. “Now the weeds have taken over my stony heart, and they’re probably pulling her apart, in the back of Smitty’s junkyard,” he sings on the third and final verse. This treasured car that means so much has now been reduced to parts at the junkyard, which is the sad reality of things getting old or breaking down. 

During the chorus he sings, “We were right outside of glory, held to a never ending story. Setting the world on fire wasn’t good enough. We were building the perfect beast, everything was how it had to be. Running with the devil’s luck, there was no stopping us,” he sings. He felt invincible when in possession of that car as a kid, and now with the wisdom to reflect, he sees things from a different perspective now. 

Joshua Ketchmark has released several albums since 2008, with his most recent coming out in July 2022. He grew up in Chicago, IL and currently lives in Nashville, TN.

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