Put the Mask On /// GASH

“Put the Mask On” is a new Hip-Hop/Rap single by artist GASH. GASH is a rapper and producer from Connecticut, and has a passion for His flow and the energetic beat make this song a party banger that will get everyone hyped up. 

GASH raps, “Damn it’s been a minute,” to open the track. The first half of the track is mostly built up to the beat drop, which happens around one minute and 15 seconds into the song. There is also a verse rapped during this section. “Not much competition I just had to say the truth, I don’t need your help and every song I drop is proof,” he raps in the opening verse. 

GASH shows off his swag for the whole track, but especially after the beat drops. “You can’t ride with me, I’m too focused, I decided to keep going, trust the process when it’s hopeless,” he raps. When looking at the album cover, you see a warrior with a sword standing over his defeated enemies. There is also a reference in the lyrics during the second verse to this image, “get the sword out, this night gettin’ scary,” he raps. 

Although the song is only 2 minutes and 43 seconds, he fits a lot of content into that small amount of time, also while making it not sound rushed. GASH has released six singles on Spotify including, “Put the Mask On.” He has also collaborated with Suave-Ski for the track, “Above Cloud 9.”





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