Sabotage /// Jordan Jones

“Sabotage” is a new single by artist Jordan Jones. This contemporary pop track adds modern production to smooth vocals to make a catchy track for listening out at night or at home. Most of the track consists of vocals, guitars, synthesizers, bass, and drums. Jones played guitar on the track. 

On this song, Jones discusses mental health issues and how difficult it can be to work against these issues. The opening lines of the song are, “I build these walls and put up these shelves, to hold my stories and sabotage myself. I try to let go but I don’t know how, I got these triggers and I need your help,” he sings. Jones wants help to deal with these anxieties and insecurities he is feeling, but he just doesn’t know how to help himself. 

Once the listener arrives at the chorus, Jones has made it clear he is talking to someone else in the song, and most likely talking about issues that both of them share. “Girl, can you hear the sound? You know I’m screaming on the inside, there’s no talking when you’re loud. We can’t keep pretending like we don’t fight, and I don’t think I can stay,” he sings. This relationship is falling apart, and he is trying to hold things together in the face of the sabotage he describes in the verses. 

Jordan Jones has released four songs on Spotify, and they can be found in the same EP that “Sabotage” was released in. In a press release, Jones described his sound like this, “Jordan delivers quintessential pop clarity with high end production and an emotive performance,” he said. 

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