Trailblazer /// Arei Moon

“Trailblazer” is the new single by pop artist Arei Moon. Her vocals soar on this track, with a hard hitting beat and catchy synthesizer harmonies. The lyrics focus on Moon’s desires and wants from a man, and how she wants them to both be strong and independent “Trailblazer(s).” 

The beat is Hip-Hop influenced, with her vocals fitting perfectly within the whirlwind of a track. She is looking for a man who knows what he wants to achieve in life. “You best believe he gotta be an innovator, no settlers. If there’s a trail I’m gonna blaze up,” she sings. Moon and her man will be an unstoppable force of mutual independence and achieving their dreams. But this is her moment to shine, coming in with a hard hitting pop song that checks all the boxes. 

The song has a common ABAB form, and the track length is three minutes and seven seconds. She gets specific in the lyrics about her needs in a partner. “Look at them values and respect. Look at how he gotcha girl feeling blessed. Imma need the FaceTime and the check. I’m moving quickly so he better keep the pace up,” she sings. 

Arei Moon was born in Boston, MA, and was raised in Orlando, FL. She also has experience competing on “The Voice” and “American Idol”. She has over 1,200 monthly listeners on Spotify, and her top song is “Ooh La La.”  Moon is just getting started, and she won’t stop til she is where she wants to be, with who she wants to be with. 






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