Wanderlust /// Pacificaze

In seeking out a life less ordinary, you may discover what you’ve been missing out on. As a result, you feel the need to chase that extraordinary feeling for the rest of your life. “Wanderlust,” the debut single from Pacificaze, is an easy, breezy bit of alt-rock meditation centered upon the idea that once you know what you’ve been missing, it’s difficult to go back to normal.

Pacificaze is the solo project by Liverpool-based musician Jack Bodhi. According to Bodhi, Pacificaze began out of his own “love of the sea” and how it keeps us from having “far-flung adventures.” In addition, his official motto of this project is “say yes to the voyage, you never know where it will lead.”

Fittingly enough, the journey looms large over Bodhi’s official launch as a solo artist. “Wanderlust” is about the allure of the odyssey and the aftereffect of missing out. In turn, there’s a gnawing void that cannot be easily quelled. In addition, it taps into the heightened drudgery of ordinary days creating a new level of urgency to live life before it passes you by, once and for all.

However, the overall feel of “Wanderlust” champions holding onto your optimism. It counters feelings of quiet desperation with uplifting chords and the occasional jangly bits to buoy spirits. Instead of turning dark and dour, it leaves the door open for hope and possibility in the face of uncertainty. 

Altogether, all of our experiences shape how we think and feel about the world around us. “Wanderlust” is a song for anyone who has experienced something so awe-inspiring that the rest of their life feels drab by comparison. On this debut single, Bodhi, as Pacificaze, wants to recapture the wonder of living life to the fullest while fighting against the sands of time in the process.   

Written by Travis Boyer






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