Witch On The Corner /// The Margaret Hooligans

Chances are, where you live is not the same as it was the day you moved in. Change can be alienating, especially when it happens in a precipitous and ruthless manner. Philly-area garage rock duo The Margaret Hooligans have returned with “Witch On The Corner,” their fourth single from their upcoming album, “Saturday Night In Bartertown.” On this release, the pair unleashes an audible blitz through this rough and rugged jam about losing the place you call home, one ‘For Sale’ sign at a time.

“Witch On The Corner” casts an overwhelming spell of vicious riffs that serve as the voice of a once hardscrabble neighborhood that is being erased by opportunistic real estate moguls. Bandmates Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium merge the grittiness of grunge, the untamed, animalistic fury of garage rock and the sharpness of blues to create this noise rock atmosphere. Altogether, it’s an unrelenting torrent borne out of the rage of being forcibly detached from your roots.

Normally, being referred to as a “witch” has a wicked connotation attached to it. However, on this track, the witch is someone who’s only recourse is to stir the pot. It’s not because they’re malevolent, but because they’ve been painted into a corner by the changing world around them. In a newly whitewashed neighborhood, this disruptive force gets crowned with a black hat. 

“Witch On The Corner” is another shining example of The Margaret Hooligans’ limitless rock prowess. This time around, they’ve conjured up a tempest of colossal proportions. What’s left in its wake is a raucous noise with designs on disrupting the status quo.  

Written by Travis Boyer






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