Devil In the Mirror /// Karen Harding

“Devil In the Mirror” is a new single by Australian pop artist Karen Harding. Her vocals shine on a smooth beat with 80s style synths. The track is upbeat and offers introspective lyrics, and her singing is catchy and soulful. The bass adds an extra element that fits well with the synth pop genre. 

“Devil In the Mirror” is about how she feels that something is holding her back, with the metaphor in the title and lyrics conveying the message that this “devil” is just our thoughts about ourselves. “But the devil in the mirror, all she knows, that I’m hiding thoughts behind my fancy clothes,” she sings. These lyrics from the end of the first verse shed light on what the true meaning of the lyrics are. The melodies from the bass, vocals and synths all work together.

On the chorus she sings more about how the devil is dragging her down and preventing growth. She wants to move on, but knows it’s not that easy. The end of the second verse acts as an admission of sorts, being honest about the situation presented in the narrative of the song. “Oh I wish that I could break free from her hold, but she’s a part of me, a story to be told,” she sings.

She continues the track with a final bridge or verse section where she declares, “I’ll break the mirror, I’ll start a revolution,” she sings. To conclude, the chorus is repeated for a third time. “There’s a devil in the mirror, telling me I’m not good enough,” she sings. Karen Harding has over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.






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