“Around” is a new single by Hip-Hop and Afrobeats, artist and rapper, Proklaim. He is from Windhoek, Namibia, in the southwest region of Africa. His singing on the hook is extremely catchy and his flow on the verses is a great display of his talent as a MC. 

He comes in during the intro with a half sung flow, then the first hook hits. “Come around now, cause it’s bound to be,” he sings during the hook. His flow starts fast during the verses, where he talks about planting seeds, how he has gained confidence from his family and to stay persistent in his music. The beat snare and the subtle keyboard, as well as the hi-hat combine for a wildly entertaining beat, and his flow over the beat works brilliantly. 

On the second verse, he raps about men’s obligations. “Every man has a choice, I’m one of those to heid the voice I’m callin’ them intuition,” he raps. He acknowledges there’s a lot of rappers out there, but if you play your cards right, there’s no need to call life unfair. He offers a lot of wisdom on how to have a positive outlook on things, which the hook echoes as well. He finishes his verse with this line, “Another challenger who will oppose, but when it’s over one is on the throne,” he raps. 

Proklaim has over 4,700 monthly listeners on Spotify, and his track “Somebody” has almost 30,000 streams. He is an artist to watch in the future, with an original style and infectious talent. 






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