Got Away /// Kendall Bowser

Nashville-based artist, Kendall Bowser, released her latest track titled “Got Away” on May 19th. This fantastic tune was able to follow in the footsteps of her 2021 single titled “Part 3: New Love.” 

“Got Away” was able to have a smooth introduction with an accompaniment that is atmospheric. With impressive vocals from Kendall herself, the sounds of all of the instruments involved were able to make this track melodic for all to hear. As the track continues to progress throughout, Kendall can give her intended audience a story that they can connect with in many ways.

Speaking of “Got Away,” it has been shared that this track “delves into the idea of people having someone they designate as “the one that got away.” ”

If you’re looking for an artist that can share their amazing talent with meaningful lyrics and melodious tunes, then Kendall Bowser is your go-to artist. “Got Away” seems like a real promise as the track was able to offer a story that others might be able to relate to on a more personal level when it comes to having a person that they were having to focus on, even though they were no longer a part of their life. While the performance quality of “Got Away” was high throughout, the track was tuneful overall and it has the potential to reach new or current audiences, even audiences that want to listen to that nostalgic and throwback feel when they have the chance or opportunity to listen to the track.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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