There There There /// Blenko

Photo By: Deb Burrows

For as interconnected the world is as a whole, a level of personal detachment still exists. Even if everyone you know can be instantly reached with a simple text, it isn’t a substitute for basic human connection. Via “There There There,” all that alt-rock artist Blenko wants is that little peace of mind that comes with knowing that you aren’t physically alone in the world. On her second single as a solo artist, Essex, UK-based artist Rebecca Simmonds releases her pent-up frustrations through an exceptionally catchy and resounding bass beat.

One aspect of “There There There” is a low, rumbling bass that is casually liberating. Layered over top, there’s a crunchy guitar that evolves into a few siren chords that ring out as the track closes. All along the way, it is akin to melodic combat, fighting between how inherently catchy it can be versus how ultimately moody it shows it can be. Both sides win out in the end, punching through the tension with a captivating rhythm. 

Time is one thing that we either all have too much or not enough of. As far as “There There There” goes, it’s about wanting to be gifted more of what is finite in order to receive a simple peace of mind. In this case, it’s about putting a request for “more time with the people I love” into the universe with the hopes that someone out there is listening and crossing your fingers that you will not be spiritually left on read.

On “There There There,” Blenko captures the mood of not feeling remotely connected. Altogether, it’s about desperately seeking to be bestowed with the restorative powers of sharing more moments with those who matter the most. With its resounding bass and subtly infectious energy, “There There There” is of the belief that there isn’t a moment to waste.

Written by Travis Boyer





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