When we last met Edward Sansom in 2021, the Brighton, UK artist confidently deflected all slings and arrows fired his way on one of his previous releases, “Saturday.” Today, not only has Sansom dropped his first name in favor of emblazoning his last name in all caps, but SANSOM’s latest bold move comes in the form of the dark alt-rock vibe of his latest single, “Sandy.” Beyond the breaking point of a tumultuous relationship, “Sandy” is the aftermath of when the last straw has finally been dealt.

At times, SANSOM keeps everything on pins and needles with quick pacing of chords that reflect the lingering tension between two people who are about to irrevocably split. In addition, sudden drum bursts periodically crash down from out of the blue to shock your system into immediate awareness. All of which turn out to be preamble for an intense, driving guitar segment that unleashes its own hidden rage. Altogether, “Sandy” starts out in the dim of fading consolation before roaring back with a vengeance. 

“Sandy” isn’t a typical break-up song, it’s a crushing lament for how swift and harsh it can all unravel. On one side, she wonders if she was ever in control of the relationship and her own value compared to that of her partner. On the other hand, Sandy’s reminded over and over that it is “too late to change” for him. All in all, “Sandy” is about the fallout that occurs when bypassing the point of no return.

Simultaneously, “Sandy” is a song about processing trauma and contending with your own faults. Throughout, SANSOM cleverly heightens the drama that looms overhead before unleashing a fury of his own. With no holding back, SANSOM captures the unrelenting emotional fervor that accompanies a shattered relationship.

Written by Travis Boyer






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