Exit 17 /// KellyMarie

Photo Courtesy of Azzaro Photography

As Tom Stoppard once said, “Every exit is an entry somewhere else.” Texas-based artist, KellyMarie, released her latest track titled “Exit 17” on June 17, 2022. This release followed “Us Again,” a previous single that she released back in early May.

Starting off rather tuneful and melodic, “Exit 17” gives off a pop-like vibe that is catchy and well-shaped as the vocals sound warm and stylish with every single word being sung while the track continues to progress throughout. As soon as the track starts, listeners can hear a tune full of light and soft but tuneful sounds that make the summer months more enjoyable with its impressive instrumentation.

Speaking of “Exit 17,” it has been shared that this single is inspired by Jim and Pam’s proposal from an American sitcom titled “The Office.”

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to make your day a little bit brighter with vocals that are full of life and is able to bring out the type of energy that makes listeners want to dance their hearts out while enjoying summer while it is still here, KellyMarie is definitely the person that you should turn your attention to. While bringing forward originality, creativity, and a melody that is full of melodious vibes, KellyMarie is able to offer her audience the opportunity to get out there and enjoy their summer while the summer months are still in effect. “Exit 17” seems like a promise that has been fulfilled when it comes to providing a tune that brings so much joy to all audiences. 

Written by Sherryl Citera





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