Be Patient /// Touch The Clouds

Living in a culture consumed with being the latest and greatest, it’s no wonder that “quiet quitting” has become the latest addition to our lexicon. Throw in a cacophony of doomsayers crowing about how the eternal boogeyman known as the future is going to get us all and the weariness continues to grow. However, on their latest single, “Be Patient,” Detroit alt rockers Touch The Clouds are the optimists, choosing composure over dread. Playing the long game, this alt-rock tune is a soft spoken, hopeful message in a world transfixed on the bombastic bleats of the shortsighted soothsayers among us.

“Be Patient” is a motivational speech set to a series of soaring guitars and the mesmerizing kinetics of drums. It’s designed to be naturally uplifting and coax you out of the doldrums of the here and now. It’s not ethereally zenlike, but it swiftly ushers in a reassurance that doesn’t need to be forced under the guise of a higher plain or mindfulness. Plain and simple, it’s an enjoyable sound designed to make you happy about today and the prospects to come.

“Be Patient” is the self-described mantra of this track. It’s about waiting for your moment and growing at your own pace. When met with the volatility of now and the uncertainty of tomorrow, patience is not top of mind. Lead singer Joe Philips sums it up with the fitting metaphor of “seeds” that could, one day, “become trees.” Simply put, you’re planting for a far off tomorrow, while watching its steady growth come to fruition. 

In a society prone to fear mongering, it’s important to remind yourself that it’s almost never all doom and gloom. “Be Patient” is a necessary reality check in a world that seemingly wants to flee from its senses. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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