Under Glacial /// Hounds Haul

One of the tried and true themes of a dystopian future is the decimation of hope in the wake of eliminated autonomy. Under authoritarian rule, free will is shredded, dissidence is quelled and blind obedience is mandated to the reigning class. Within a despotic society, the light of hope is shrouded by the fatalistic fog of a sadistically industrialized way of life. On their grim, atmospheric single, “Under Glacial,” alt rockers Hounds Haul soldiers on through the strife and lets loose a workman’s style of alternative rock.

The style of play on “Under Glacial” is pseudo-industrial, meaning it is without all of the heavy, gruff, clanging effects that would come from a metal subgenre. However, it has a mechanical flow to it without repeatedly hitting you over the head with a steel hammer. The pursuit of freedom from a totalitarian regime is instantly reflected in its progression from a marching tempo to a moderate sprint. At first, you’re in lockstep with the beat and are afraid to disrupt the flow, but racing thoughts drive you to outrun what’s holding you back. In effect, it’s turning away from the darkness of tyranny and towards the light of freedom.

As with much of this track as a whole, order is its operative term. Blindly following “orders” from on high, it describes a hive-minded society that is working itself to an apocalyptic end. In turn, the four horsemen are accompanied by a fifth rider who’s “picking up speed.” The end is nearly nigh and the only saving grace is to find a “distant light” to bring a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak and cruel world. 

If you’re looking for a track that would slide in as a soundtrack to your favorite gritty, graphic novel, “Under Glacial” would fit the bill. Hounds Haul creates resounding amounts of brutal realism to deliver this unblinking style of rock.

Written by Travis Boyer





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