Photo Courtesy of Eric Dolan

Wotts – an Ottowa-based indie pop band made up of bassist/guitarist, Ricky, and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist, Jayem – released their latest single called “wheel” on March 10th. This fantastic tune was able to follow the footsteps of their 2022 single titled “SOMETHING.”

“Wheel” was able to have such a rhythmic introduction with an accompaniment that is smooth and compelling. With warm vocals from Jayem himself, the bass, guitar, and other instruments involved in this piece were able to make the track melodic and tuneful, creating a sound that is atmospheric. As the track continues to progress, Wotts is able to give their intended audience something that might be different from any of their other releases. 

Speaking of “wheel,” it has been shared that this track “is about surrendering to what you can’t control and acknowledging and accepting mortality.”

If you’re looking for a band that is continuing to see where music takes them, creating a sound that can be slightly different to any of the other tunes that they have shared, then Wotts is your go-to band. “Wheel” seems like a real promise as this track was able to share a possible story behind it that both Ricky and Jayem wanted to share with those who have been supporting their music since they first started. Not only are these two talented, but they were able to share melodious sounds that are original in their own way. While the performance quality has been high throughout vocally and instrumentally, this track is, overall, strong and creative.

Written by Sherryl Citera







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