Artist Interview: Talyana /// The Room

Q: I found the lyrical themes in “The Room” quite thought-provoking. Can you tell our audience about your lyrical intent?

TALYANA: My goal for this song was to send a message of self-love, compassion towards one’s individual journey and to never let one lose parts of who they are in order to fit into the narrative of what others want them to be.

Q: Along with being a talented vocalist, you also have music production skills. Did you produce “The Room” by yourself? If not, how did your collaborator(s) influence the sound of the track?

TALYANA: This song was produced by AYOJAZZ!, who created the instrumental that helped shape the story of the song, with help from the talented Kevin Aoki. He was able to mix his groovy, hip-hop influence with my melodic, lyrical storytelling and it blended into a really fresh track with a great sound and message.


Q: “The Room” is such a vibe! Is there anything specific you want your fans to get from your music?

TALYANA: Thank you! I want my fans to feel like they have a safe space to be who they want to be and to grow as individuals through my music. Especially since Summer is just around the corner, it’s time to learn to live a little and not let fear get in the way of being their most authentic selves!


Q: The music video debuted this month. Can you give us a teaser of what we should expect?

TALYANA: I would say, expect red dresses, beautiful greenery and a hidden visual that celebrates my most authentic self this June! It is available to now enjoy on Youtube and soon on all platforms supporting Vevo!

Q: You have such an emotive, musical sound. What excites you most about the return of live shows?

TALYANA: What excites me most about the return of live shows is the feeling of sharing dope musical moments with people live and in person. When I’m in my element during a show, all time seems to stop and I’m floating in the moment. It’s the privilege to share that experience with others that makes me most excited about performing live again!

Interviewed by Sarah Scott



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