Bubba Does /// Snakedoctors

Bubba Does by Snakedoctors is a fun, modern post-punk track. Made up of four friends from Poland, Snakedoctors began making music back in May 2020. The band wants to bring back “simple rock n’ roll” and this track does just that.

The song starts off with a bang, with a fuzzy guitar intro and a drum beat kicking in almost immediately. The instrumental gives off an 80’s new wave and post-punk feel. It’s a great modern take on these genres. The vocals, upbeat instrumental, and lyrics give way to a fun song to dance to and enjoy. According to Snakedoctors, “it’s just one of those stories about love,” and we can definitely hear that in the lyrics that detail unrequited love, ‘She will get it from Bubba/He will make it alright.’ The bridge features a smooth guitar solo and bass line, living up to that simple rock n’ roll sound.

All of Snakedoctors singles have charted in Poland, the UK, and the US on iTunes and indie charts, including number ones in the UK and in Poland, which gives even more reason to check out their awesome music. ‘Bubba Does’ is the third single from their new, recently released album Mellow Joy. The mixing for the new album was done at Abbey Road Studios in London and The Lip Studio in LA. Mastering was done at Metropolis Studios in London and by Corey Coffman (of the band Gleemer.)

If you’re a fan of acts like The Smiths and Joy Divison, you’ll definitely want to give Snakedoctors a listen!

Written by Yashira C.




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